Christian is arrested!

Syed and Christian are stunned when the police arrive – to arrest Christian for assault! At the police station, Syed sees Danny ,who suggests he’ll drop the case against Christian if he gets his money. When Danny turns up at the allotted time, Masood threatens to report his dodgy investment schemes to the police unless he drops the charges. The charges are dropped, but Syed and Christian have a huge bust up, leaving Christian heartbroken when Syed can’t say he loves him.

Lauren covers for her strange mood by telling Tanya she feels uncomfortable sharing a house with Joey. After Tanya asks Joey to leave, Lauren finds him packing and apologises for the kiss. Tenderly pulling Lauren in for a kiss, Joey says he only rejected her because she was drunk. Lauren responds but soon breaks it off, saying it’s wrong. Joey tells a confused Lauren he wants to be with her.

Sharon makes excuses to get out of holiday plans with Jack, as she needs to stick around for the residency case. When Lola lets slip to Jack that Sharon is helping with Lexi, he confronts her. Sharon tells Phil she can’t help anymore but Jack says he won’t stop her, although he warns Phil he’s watching him.