Syed promises a worried Zainab that he’ll get Qadim’s permission for the marriage and they’ll be able to keep the money. Syed confronts Qadim but Qadim is sure that Syed will break his daughter’s heart and insists he wants his money returned by the following day. Masood meets up with his elder brother, Inzamam, intending to ask him for money for the wedding. Masood is stunned when he realises that Zainab didn’t invite Inzamam and his family to the wedding.

Syed accompanies Tamwar to Ricky and Bianca’s engagement party and New Year party. Meanwhile, Christian has arrived back on the Square and spies on Syed and Amira. Syed is stunned when he finds Christian and they kiss as the countdown reaches midnight. Christian pleads with Syed to be honest, but Amira interrupts them. Syed pointedly tells Amira he loves her.

Lucy sees Christian staring at Amira and Syed and pulls him away into the Square as the revellers sing Auld Lang Syne. Jane joins Christian and tells him to let it go as Syed is going to marry Amira. Christian darkly replies that there will be no wedding…

Also, Tamwar is stood up by Zulekha at Bianca and Ricky’s party but bonds with Afia instead; Ricky proposes to Bianca properly.

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