Christian is beaten up

Christian advises Amira to come clean to Zainab when she confesses that her father is in prison for fraud. Zainab is horrified but she tells her that as long as she makes Syed happy the wedding can go ahead. Christian can’t deal with his feelings for Syed at the engagement party and leaves to drown his sorrows in the Vic. Christian takes a guy called Luke back to the flat but Luke turns on him and beats him up.

Libby has another encounter with Liz, who gives her a visiting order from Owen but Libby insists that she’s not going anywhere near her dad. Libby returns home and tells Darren that she’s ready to sleep with him. Darren promises to support an indecisive Libby whatever she decides to do about her dad. Libby calls Liz and tells her that she’ll go to the prison.

Ronnie is adamant she’s leaving Walford even after she and Jack find out that Roxy lied to both of them about having new lovers and Jack begs her to stay. Later, Peggy tells Ronnie that she’s told Archie it’s over between them. Ronnie overhears Archie telling Patrick that he will win Peggy back. Ronnie moves back into the Vic to protect Peggy from Archie.

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