Christian makes an effort for Yasmin’s birthday and buys her a teddy and card. Amira is unimpressed and thinks Christian is just trying to get brownie points with Syed. Yusef offers to go to Yasmin’s birthday party with Zainab for support, but she insists she can handle it. Yusef is determined to ruin the day and calls Qadim, who demands Amira leaves with him now or never speak to him again. Amira chooses to stay.

Meanwhile, Yusef has had the DNA test results back and he gives them to Christian to open. Christian confronts Syed and Amira at the birthday party and reveals that Syed is not Yasmin’s father. A confused Amira insists that Christian is mistaken. Masood believes both Christian and Amira… He thinks someone has falsified the DNA test results.

Lola, Ben and Abi want to get drunk. They convince Liam to steal some booze from Kim’s Halloween party. A ‘drunk’ Abi tells Ben she knows he’s gay. Kim finds the teens and tells them they’re not drunk… Liam stole the non-alcoholic fruit punch!

Also, Poppy and Jodie move in with Anthony and Tyler, but are not impressed when the Moon brothers assume they’ll be doing all the cleaning!