Christian threatens Fiz

Fiz is worried when Christian becomes aggressive in his search for Hayley, so a protective Fiz and Chesney decide to send him packing. Not wanting to add to Hayley’s stress, Fiz can’t bring herself to tell Hayley about Christians visit.

Frustrated at Peter’s lack of interest in the wedding details, Carla leaves for her dress fitting. Feeling the strain, Peter takes out a bottle of wine, but is snapped from his tormented reverie when Tina calls the intercom. The air is thick with sexual tension as Tina and Peter flirt outrageously. Later, an impulsive Carla decides she wants to spend the night before her wedding with her man and she just misses the pair together.

Tim runs his business ideas past Jason as Eva and Sally bicker. Both realise they want different things out of the business and decide the bext thjing to do is to part ways.

Also, Dev sets off on his first run.