Christian is determined to make things up to Syed, starting with getting Zainab onside over the adoption. Christian lures Zainab to the flat and they have a heated discussion about gay adoption. Christian talks Zainab round and is elated when he tells Syed. Christian is shocked when Syed reveals he’s had second thoughts about being a father.

Lola turns up in the Square after finding Billy’s address in his wallet. Lola bumps into Abi and steals her phone then tries to sell it back to her for a tenner! Tanya finds out Lola is Billy’s granddaughter and marches her round the flat. Billy wants to take on Lola but Julie wants her back at the care home. Lola steals a car from Fatboy at the car lot and crashes it into the chippy. Billy sees and tells Lola to do a runner.

Fatboy is pining for Mercy. Dot convinces him to get back to work to take his mind off things. Fatboy sets up the stall but is wound up when people ask him questions. Fatboy snaps and kicks the stall. Mr Lister approaches to give him a warning. An agitated Fatboy says he doesn’t want the stall anymore and storms off.

Also, Darren gives Jodie an engagement ring.

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