Zainab is keen to make sure Christian spends as little time with Syed as possible and ropes in the book club to help her finish off the decorating. Christian is annoyed to find the ladies in the flat and tells them he’s being paid to do the job. Christian and Zainab are left alone and Zainab accuses Christian of trying to steal her son then tips a tin of paint over him. Christian won’t rise to the bait, but later tells Zainab that he’s going to win back Syed.

Carol forces Ricky to take on Billie at the Arches. Billie only lasts a day at the garage and tells Carol that it’s not what he wants to do. Billie and Carol are interrupted by the police who want him to sign a witness statement about Kylie. Carol is horrified when Billie later reveals to her that he gave the gun to Kylie and she ushers him to the Army recruitment office.

Danny visits Glenda and she questions him on how much money they can siphon out of Roxy’s account without her noticing. Danny is gleeful when Roxy lets slip that she keeps the pin number for the account in her phone. Danny manages to copy down the number without Roxy noticing.

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