Everyone is out to impress the Head of Education Robert Bain, and Christine is eager to pull out all of the stops in order for him to look favourably on Waterloo Road.

She sees an opportunity to impress him, and decides to embrace Audrey’s idea of taking the pupils back to World War II. There are costumes, rationing and even a runaway goat! But the day soon takes a more sinister turn as Barry and Darren get up to trouble that puts both themselves and other pupils at Waterloo Road in grave danger. Barry and Darren head off into the woods to forage for mushrooms, and they pick up some bad varieties. Both of them – plus Rhiannon – end up being taken seriously ill and needing urgent attention from paramedics.

Plus, tensions between Christine and Simon reach a whole other level when he comes across Sue’s dossier. She has compiled a list of failings about Christine, and feeling very angry at her, Simon decides to take action. He takes it from Sue and places it straight into Robert Bain’s hands, completely jeopardising Christine’s position.