Christine asks for Heston’s help

Heston is annoyed when he finds Christine in The Mill car park but she persuades him to have lunch with her and Lily watches them leave. Over lunch, Christine asks Heston to look after Steven for a day while she’s in hospital and Heston agrees. As he returns to The Mill, Heston sheds a tear over what he has missed of Steven’s childhood – and Lily isn’t there to comfort him.

Cherry makes breakfast for Scott, whose mood is dampened by the news that he has to go away for work over the weekend.

When Michelle suggests he must be going to an elegant chateau, Cherry considers going with him – until he reveals he’s off to a warehouse in Dagenham!

When an Anglican vicar finds his 15-month-old son crying tears of blood, his wife, Saaya, claims it could be a holy sign. But Daniel soon realises that Saaya knows a lot more about the boy’s condition than she’s letting on.