Christine Tremarco joins Casualty

A familiar face causes a stir in Casualty this week – and she’s going to be sticking around.

Fans of the show will remember when grief-stricken Jessica Harrison (Gilliam Kearney) moved to America at the start of 2010, helped by her old nursing friend Linda – played by guest star Christine Tremarco. Jessica’s baby Harry had just been killed in a car crash, and her marriage to Adam crumbled under the strain. But lively Linda persuaded her she could make a new start.

So when Linda turns up in reception this week, still wearing her party clothes from the night before and looking a bit hung over, the staff are surprised to hear she’s been hired to help the overworked ED team.

Charlie reamins loyal to Tess and takes an instant dislike to Linda. The others, however, take an immediate shine to the new recruit. Big Mac is seduced by her flirting and thinks he’s got a real chance with Linda. But she stubbornly won’t tell the lads whether she’s attached or single. And she’s hiding a secret miscarriage sorrow…

Elsewhere a distraught Mads finds herself face to face with the man who attacked her in a mini cab and begins a secret descent into a world of harassment and terror.