Christine has once again turned back to drink as a way of coping, and the consequences of her actions spiral out of control.

After spending all weekend drinking, Christine sleeps in and is woken by the school trying to call and contact her. Still drunk and in a panic, Christine jumps in the car and tries to speed to school. However, she smashes into a car and ends up fleeing the scene of the accident.

The police come to speak to Christine, who gives them an unconvincing story about her car being stolen. After speaking to people around her, the police realise that Christine must have been drink driving. She’s arrested and it looks as though her position at the school is now untenable.

Meanwhile, Kacey Barry makes her return to Waterloo Road from her US training camp. But it’s not a happy reunion as Carol and Dynasty have to break the news to her about what’s happened with brother Barry.

Plus, Gabriella feels jealous when Kacey and Kevin take the limelight away from her and a presentation she is giving. But determined to get her revenge, she takes it out on Kevin who is trying to adapt to life after his stroke. She humiliates Kevin in front of the whole school and his confidence is left in tatters.