Christine arrives to see Heston, who tells Jimmi he won’t see her but she sits in reception anyway and refuses to leave. Jimmi tells Ruth who she is, and Ruth tries to tell Christine that Heston is too busy to see her. At that moment, Lily arrives and takes Christine to her room, where Christine insists she really must see Heston. Eventually, Heston agrees to hear Christine out but he’s totally unprepared when she asks him to look after Steven if she dies.

Daniel pays a visit to George Swade, an ex-con who suffers from agoraphobia and hasn’t been able to leave the house. Meanwhile, another of Daniel’s patients, eight months’ pregnant Nadine Gupta, returns to work after seeing him and gets locked in a safe. When Nadine’s waters break, Daniel sees an opportunity to help George regain some confidence when he enlists his help to crack the safe and get Nadine out!

Also, Cherry agrees to help Scott decorate his new flat. Despite feeling slightly intimidated by his classical music collection, the pair have a great time and end up with more paint on them than on the walls…

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