Christmas carnage at the Carters!

It’s Christmas Day at the Queen Vic and Mick slips out of the house to arrange a special surprise for the family. Shirley and Aunt Babe are horrified when Mick returns with Sylvie, who he’s brought for Christmas lunch! As Mick gets a surprise proposal ready, a drunk Dean arrives threatening Linda and saying he’ll reveal their secret. Keeping his mouth shut, however, Dean heads off, leaving Linda shaken. It’s not long before secrets and lies about the Carters begin to tumble out, with all hell breaking loose!

The Brannings are spending Christmas Day with the Beales. When Cindy finds a mysterious present addressed to Beth she opens it. Shocked by the creepy contents, the families wonder who could have left the gift. Lauren confides in Jane about Emma’s claims. When Jane is able to corroborate Lauren’s story, Max is confused as to why Emma is trying to make Lauren a suspect in the murder case.

At the Cottons’, Charlie and Ronnie have the money for Nick so that he can leave. Realising that Nick is trying to get the family to beg him to stay, Ronnie worries they’ll never get shot of him. After taking a family photo, Ronnie warns Nick not to mess with her…