Debbie was sure Cain wouldn’t be back in Emmerdale for Christmas so she’s stunned when he appears at the garage. She shocks him right back, though, with the news that Charity is still one of the village people – and that she’s invited Charity and Noah to spend Christmas morning with her and Sarah. Christmas Grinch Cain has other ideas, though, telling Debbie it’s him she should believe in, not Charity. Debbie’s not prepared to choose between her parents, though and would rather spend Christmas alone with Sarah. Will peace break out between Cain and Charity so Debbie can have a happy Christmas?

And can Ryan bury his feelings for Maisie? He feels awkward after the night before and goes to see Katie at work. To make himself feel better, he treats her to a night out. Will Katie smell a rat called Ryan?

Psycho Sally is still hanging around Ashley as closely as tinsel round a Christmas tree. Ashley, though, is still hoping that Laurel will be home for Christmas. A chat to her on the phone bursts that bubble and Sally is as happy as a kid in a toy store, because she can play with Ashley as much as she wants…

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