The episode opens with Christopher watching who he thinks is his adoptive sister Daisy sleeping, completely unaware so far, that she has been kidnapped by Susan and Alec.

The scene then switches into a flashback of the day before, showing how Susan took Izzie from the carousel when Daniel didn’t collect her. Susan then called her husband Alec to tell him what she has done. Alec tried to tell Daniel what has happened but seeing his angry and seemingly obnoxious behaviour he walks away. Susan and Alec agree that the little girl is better off with them and they go home with Izzie.

Back to today, Lisa is distraught and blames Zara for Izzie’s disappearance, while the local TV channel’s Entertainment Reporter Adam has got wind of Izzie’s disappearance and begs his boss Rochelle for the chance to cover the story. Rochelle reluctantly agrees and Adam gets digging.

Later on, while Christopher is watching the TV in his bedroom alone with ‘Daisy, the press conference comes on the screen showing Izzie’s picture. Christopher realises his new sister was stolen and is horrified.

At the police station, the TV is also on showing Adam reporting all about Daniel’s shady past. Daniel watches, speechless.

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