Chromolume No.7

Porter has returned from his European holiday with a moustache and a blonde Russian girlfriend Irina. Tom’s proud that his son is dating above his ‘league’ but Lynette immediately suspects she’s a gold-digger. After Porter proposes to Irina and she accepts, Lynette decides things have gone too far and sets a little test to prove it by a sneaky ring-swap scam. Sure enough Irina spots it.

A drunken Andrew attacks Sam after Bree appoints the new arrival as the vice president of her catering company. When she later visits Sam’s home to apologise for Andrew’s behaviour, she finds out a stunning secret. Sam is actually the son of her first husband Rex. He explains the story of how Rex met his mum, who died six months ago. It’s why he wanted to meet Bree’s family.

Katherine is a little cold towards Robin and says their fling was down to her being drunk.

When Angie and Gaby arrive in New York looking for Danny and Ana, Gaby catches up with some old ‘friends’ from her modelling days, including supermodel Heidi Klum. It seems, however, that Gaby wasn’t very popular on the catwalk.

Meanwhile, Angie tracks down her son Danny to his gran’s house, where she has a fraught reunion with her estranged mum. More secrets are revealed about Danny and the mysterious Patrick Logan. Angie’s also been spotted by a nosey neighbour, who finds out that the Bolen family now lives in Fairview and makes a call to Logan, demanding $1000 for the info…

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