Ken tries again to talk Peter out of sending Simon to private school, but he’s disappointed when Peter tells him he’s already sorted it out with the headmaster.

Meanwhile, Peter is on the hunt for a decent chef for the hard-hat party, and he and Leanne decide to have lunch in a bar on the other side of town. Peter hears commotion from the kitchen and is surprised to discover his old mate Ciaran’s the cause of it and is also the chef. That is until he tells the manager to stick his job and joins Peter and Leanne to reminisce about old times. Ciaran tries to buy Peter a pint forcing him to explain that he’s a recovering alcoholic

Becky tells Claire she’s pregnant, but confides that she’s worried about becoming a mother. Claire tries to convince her by telling her that despite all the problems having Freddy is the best thing she ever did. Back at the Rovers a chuffed Steve tells Becky how thrilled he is about her pregnancy, but is shocked when his wife tells him about her doubts about keeping the baby.

Betty, as the oldest barmaid in the northwest, is interviewed by the Gazette

Also, Janice puts out an advert for a lodger.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve does his best to convince Becky she’d make a great mother and promises he’ll be there for her every step of the way. But Becky’s still unsure, all her self-doubt and lack of confidence rising to the surface.

Peter and Leanne invite Ciaran to the Rovers where he gets stuck into the booze and tries to chat up Carla. She and Leanne decide to head back to Leanne’s flat for a girls’ night in and when Deirdre turns up they invite her to join them. Leanne shows Carla and Deirdre round the building site which is to become her new bar and they decide to sample some of the drinks. Peter and Ciaran set off to join the girls at the new bar.

Later, while alone Peter finds the temptation too much and downs a left-over glass of wine.

Kevin finally gets rid of Tyrone after a few tricky moments when Tyrone asks if Molly has spoken about him. Angry at being put in such a position Kevin goes to the shop to tackle Molly.

Also, Janice meets a potential lodger who turns out to be Trevor the binman, and is thrilled when he agrees to move in.

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