Cilla counts her blessings!

Cilla is convinced that Frank has left her a fortune in her will and she makes it clear to everyone that she’ll be saying her goodbyes to Weatherfield as soon as she gets the cash.

Sean is feeling guilty that he wasn’t around when Violet had her baby scare and he vows to change his attitude. Sean announces that he’s a ‘born again’ dad and he’ll give up his partying to concentrate on Violet and the baby. Violet is not particularly thrilled at Sean’s determination to be so involved.

Jodie is still fuming when Jerry gets back from his date with Eileen as she’s missed her date with Lloyd to babysit the children. Jerry blunders when he tries to make amends by offering Lloyd cash to take Jodie out! Lloyd is taken aback and tells Jodie, who is furious. Jerry feels bad and promises that he’ll let her have more time to herself.

Sarah uses some spare time at the salon to write her wedding invitations. But she’s in for trouble when David spots the invites and he slyly addresses one to Jason’s brother and Sarah’s cheating ex Todd!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Cilla rocks up at the solicitor’s for the will-reading playing up her grief, but she’s stunned when she’s told that all she’ll be getting is a £500 cheque, along with a long list of other women! Cilla is devastated and she decides to flog off some of her belongings to raise some extra cash. Cilla takes the necklace that Frank gave her to a jeweller’s and when the jeweller offers her forty she convinces him to up it to ‘forty-five’. Cilla is stunned when the jeweller writes her out a cheque for £45,000!

Jerry has promised to let Jodie have weekends off, but he lets her down straight away when a mate offers him the chance of a boozy trip to Italy. Eileen feels sure that Jodie will not take kindly to Jerry’s plans.

Sarah is convinced that David is up to something and is plotting to ruin her wedding but she’s not sure what he could be planning. Meanwhile, David heads off to post the wedding invite to Todd.

Also, Carla books a business trip away.