Cilla flies off into the sunset

Cilla prepares to leave for her trip and gets fully pampered in the salon at Yana’s expense. Les has his bags packed ready for the holiday with Cilla when his irate wife decides to reveal that he’s not going with her – and she got the all-clear before Christmas.

Fiz is furious that her mum could have caused her and Chesney so much anguish just to take revenge on Les. Cilla heads off for the airport alone, leaving an outraged street behind her.

Jamie and Frankie are still set on starting over together in Spain and they have their flights booked and their bags packed. Jamie has been putting up with snide remarks about their ‘unusual’ relationship all day and he’s feeling irritable by the time they get to the Rovers for a farewell drink. Vernon comes out with a quip and it’s the last straw, and Jamie snaps and punches him. Frankie is furious that he’s created such a huge scene and starts to ponder whether they have a future together after all.

Sarah knows how tough it is to bring up a child alone and she’s shocked when Jason tells her that he wants nothing to do with his baby – she can’t believe how irresponsibly he’s behaving. Eileen has to physically force Jason to take the baby for a walk in the park and is angry at his reluctance to spend time with his child.