Cilla quits the Street

Cilla tries to decide what to spend her new-found wealth on and after an unsuccessful afternoon spent in front of the shopping channel, she hits upon the idea of returning to Vegas for good! But her plans are shattered when she remembers that she can’t leave Chesney on his own. Chesney realises that Cilla is set on going abroad and, resigned, he encourages her to leave without him.

Paul earns himself a few more brownie points when he encourages a tired Vera to take a break in Blackpool with Jack for a few days. Tyrone is disgruntled when Jack entrusts Tyrone’s usual responsibility of looking after his pigeons to Paul. Tyrone and Molly aren’t looking forward to living with the ‘real’ Paul until the Duckies get back.

Roger and Janice go to the Italian for another free meal and Leanne talks Roger into taking a look at some faulty plumbing in the toilet. Roger is fed up with being taken advantage of and he presents a surprised Leanne with a bill.

Also, Jodie finds out about Jerry’s plans to go away for the weekend.