*First episode*
Cilla returns to Weatherfield and despite Les’s best efforts to clean up the house, she’s less than impressed with the state of things and she tells him that she’s still planning to make his life a misery! Cilla’s cocky mood evaporates, however, when she gets a frosty reception from the neighbours, as well as discovering that Chesney’s moved out to live with Fiz. But as the Battersbys argue, Kirk realises that Chesney has gone missing

It’s Blanche’s birthday, but there’s a distinct lack of cheer in the Barlow household and no one is in the mood to celebrate. While Deirdre frets, Ken has his nose buried in paperwork as he attempts to figure out how he can raise the money to pay for Tracy’s fancy new brief.

Also, Jason struggles to run the builders’ yard and look after baby Holly; Norris discovers a Classmates Reunited website and decides to track down some old school friends.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*
The Battersbys head out to search for the missing Chesney, who is wandering the streets with Schmeichel, cold and hungry. Cilla calls the police to report him missing as it starts to get dark, but he’s eventually discovered hiding out at the Red Rec.

Jason finds out that Charlie’s body will be released as soon as someone claims it, but no relatives have turned up to do the deed. A skint Jason wonders what to do and he bites the bullet and asks the Barlows if they’ll sort out the funeral. But with the spiralling costs of Tracy’s upcoming trial they are in no mood to help out.

Kelly thinks she may be in with a chance with Liam when he seems to give her a flirty wink. But she doesn’t’ realise that the wink was aimed at Adam’s girlfriend Joanne.

Also, Michelle and Steve bond over parenting as Steve looks after Amy.