Tony’s arranged lunch for Cindy’s birthday. She realises she has to go, but things don’t go as Tony hoped. She’s distracted by Darren and when Ste asks Tony for a job, Cindy accuses him of using the lunch to do business. Tony storms out, leaving Cindy alone with Darren and she ends up going home with him.

Des confides in Zak that he’s the one who’s been sending threatening messages to Calvin. Zak doesn’t know how to react, but Des has other things on his mind and is keeping a close eye on Kris. After an interrogation from Des and realising that Ricky is being bullied because of his relationship with him, Kris is concerned about his role as mentor.

Kris makes it very clear to Des that he has got the wrong end of the stick and in a bid to protect Ricky and Martin’s secret, Kris resigns.

Also; Anita panics when Ravi tells her Dom’s coming to check the accounts. Knowing there’s 300 pounds missing, she begins to worry. As Dom checks over the accounts he notices there’s a gap. The pair confront Anita and Ste and automatically assume Ste’s responsible. He storms out leaving Anita to confesses that she was the one who stole the money.

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