Cindy turns up at the Council Hall to watch rehearsals but is furious that Loretta has changed Holly’s choreography. She tells Loretta she’s not needed anymore and Holly runs off. As Holly returns home, she overhears her parents discussing the advantages of sending her to boarding school.

Hannah’s happy she’ll finally be living her dream with Jamie, but doesn’t want to leave on bad terms with Rhys. Distracted, Hannah’s oblivious to Jamie’s growing panic. With Blue continuing to call and the money missing, Jamie sends Hannah out so he can tear the place apart.

Rhys gives Jamie an ultimatum. Desperate for Hannah to stay, Darren asks her to make a real go of their marriage but she refuses. Back at the flat, Jamie turns up – he’s chosen Hannah. A gutted Rhys gets a call from Blue, Darren overhears and knowing Hannah and Jamie are stuck in a hotel after a delayed flight, he calls Blue back and gives him the info he needs.

Also, Carmel’s ignoring Calvin’s calls and Mercedes tells her that she’s best rid. But Carmel agrees to meet up with Calvin and eventually starts to come round. However, she tells him they can’t have any secrets and he promises her there’s been no one else.