Cindy comes a cropper

Cindy’s out for revenge after her run-in with Louise, and has no qualms in enlisting Holly to help. She persuades Holly to embark on a spying mission and she discovers that Warren is having an ‘important’ guest round for champagne at 8pm. After hearing this news, Cindy takes Louise’s flat keys from Evissa, lets herself in and hides in the wardrobe to stake out Warren and his guest. As Mandy arrives at the flat, she and Warren soon get passionate, with Cindy straining to listen in the wardrobe.

Mandy is forced to scramble out of the flat when Louise knocks at the door. With terrible timing, Cindy jumps out of the wardrobe, and is stunned to discover it’s actually Louise and Warren in front of her. As tempers flare, Cindy is sent packing and a shell-shocked Warren reflects on his close shave.

Resigned to the fact that it’s over with Jacqui, Tony vows to get his life back on track. Meanwhile, Dom apologises to Mercedes for his outburst during the funeral and offers her a place to stay.

Also, after her MTV awards dress is ruined by a passing limo, Hannah is picked up by the limo’s occupant, Matt, and soon finds herself the star of the red carpet.

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