Cindy confides in Lindsey about the killer

While Neeta gets excited about going to a wedding fair, Mac hides his and Cindy’s fake divorce papers behind a photo frame in The Dog. When Alfie finds a mobile phone outside The Dog, Mac instantly recognises it as Cindy’s. When Mac insists he should be the one to return it, Alfie tells Nathan he’s suspicious their dad is having an affair with Cindy. Nathan finds the fake divorce papers and confronts his dad. Mac admits they moved to the village because of Alfie – he’s Alfie’s biological father and Cindy is his mum!

Cindy gets her phone back but, when she charges it, she notices a voice message from Dr S’Avage at Pride. Cindy confides in Lindsey that the message reveals a woman is behind the murders and that she’s going to the police. Lindsey panics and tells Ben that Dr S’Avage wasn’t a qualified doctor, which Cindy had revealed to her previously. Later, Ben lies to Cindy that he can’t find the message on her phone and tells Dirk the truth about Dr S’Avage.

Meanwhile, Theresa overhears Jade calling Lisa by her real name, Sonia, and confronts Lisa, who opens up to Theresa about Wayne but doesn’t tell her the whole truth about her being a fake Loveday. When Zack reveals Simone has won The Herald’s Mum of the Year award and that a photo of them all will be on the front page of the paper, Lisa fears her true identity might be revealed…

Also, Darren is charged with attempted murder. When he’s released, Nancy tells Darren she’s willing to tell the police it was her who covered up the evidence. It looks like Nancy’s falling for Darren again.