Cindy finds Hannah in Darren’s bed!

Darren and Hannah wake up feeling regretful the morning after the night before. Cindy pops round to Darren’s and is put out to find Hannah in Darren’s bed and Darren claims she’s only angry because he’s ahead in his plan. A hurt Cindy tells Darren that they’re over for good and she’s concentrating on Tony from now on. Darren is horrified and dumps an insulted Hannah then begs Cindy to stay with him so they can fleece Hannah and Tony together.

Hayley tries to encourage Rhys to get a job but she’s frustrated by his lack of enthusiasm. Josh practices for a gig at the SU Bar and Cheryl is impressed but she soon realises she’s got no chance as there’s a spark between Josh and Hayley. Josh and Hayley flirt after his gig but are interrupted by Rhys’s arrival.

Jacqui is disappointed when Tony won’t give her money to go to France to find Russ and Max as he thinks it would be a fruitless trip. Tony worries about Jacqui’s fraught state and asks Carmel to have a word with her sister. Carmel offers Jacqui the Evissa takings to book her flight to France and the sisters finally set aside their differences.

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