Cindy gets a blast from the past!

The Osbornes are furious that Jack has sold their home, but his decision is final. Downstairs in the pub, everyone’s silent as Diane gives Rose back to Tegan. Tony’s surprised when his old friend, Finn (James Redmond) turns up, and Tony and Diane renew their vows. Later, Jack tells his family he’s put an offer in on the Boarding House, which would mean they’re debt free. Cindy’s shocked when her secret husband, Mac, and his kids, Ellie and Nathan, turn up to reveal they’re the new owners of The Dog!

Grace panics when Trevor grabs her at the hospital and drags her into Dr S’Avage’s office. He tells her that, despite everything, he still loves her. Ben sees Grace in the corridor and she lies that Trevor isn’t coming back… but Trevor is waiting for her, ready to start a new life. They’re on their way to Paris when the police pull them over. DS Thorpe asks Trevor to open the boot and Trevor is arrested!

Also, the Gloved Hand makes a desperate decision to cover their tracks…