Cindy asks her sister Jude whether she can work with her again and persuades Tony to do the catering for Jude’s Halloween event. Cindy later goes to Jude’s show-home to take some promotional pictures and is confused when confronted with the man who lives there…

Cameron and Leela search for Peri when they realise she didn’t come home last night, and panic sets in when they find a internet search page for ferry tickets to Calais. Meanwhile, Maxine confides in Warren about all of Nico’s crimes and tells him her suspicions that Nico killed Patrick.

Maxine and Warren go to the prison to see Sienna, who decides to retract her confession, while Nico has locked herself and Peri back in the bunker.

Also, Mercedes walks in on a happy family scene with Joe, Joanne and JJ. Mercedes is hurt when JJ calls Joanne ‘mummy’, while Joanne revels in her misery. Joe soon finds out what Joanne is really like from Louis, however, and later orders Joanne to leave his family alone.