Cindy gives Ian and Jane an ultimatum

Ian and Jane are on tenterhooks on the day of the social worker’s visit. It’s not long before Cindy crumbles, admitting she doesn’t want to be around Beth. When the social worker reminds Cindy that Jane and Ian can provide the best environment for Beth, Cindy snaps, giving Jane and Ian an ultimatum.

Paul makes Pam breakfast in bed on the morning of her birthday, then heads to The Albert to help with her surprise party. Les is suspicious of Paul’s intentions, warning him not to upset Pam. Later, Pam senses the tension between Les and Paul as they talk about Claudette. When Pam runs off in tears, they’re shocked, worrying she knows the truth about Claudette and Les.

Lola feels awkward when Abi approaches her, asking how to impress Ben in the bedroom. Ben later finds Abi in romantic mood, ready for an evening of passion. Initially reluctant, when Ben sees how much effort Abi has gone to he decides to go for it and they passionately kiss.

Also, Sharon pushes Phil to the limit and he’s forced to admit he lied about Gordon being her dad.