Cindy is rattled to discover the truth about Glenn and Grace

When Cindy teams up with Grace she's taken aback to learn that Glenn is Grace's secret boyfriend!

Cindy can’t wait to tell Dirk she’s moved on but is unsettled to discover that Glenn is Grace’s boyfriend which means things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Meanwhile, when Misbah sees that Imran has been splashing the cash on a shiny new bike, she demands to know where he got the money from but is horrified to learn he stole her necklace! An angry Misbah decides she needs to teach her son a lesson and comes up with an idea.

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks Damon is unsure whether to give his dad another chance but starts to thaw when Buster offers to help with Maggie’s funeral costs.

Meanwhile Marnie seems smitten with newcomer Buster and says he can move into The Dog!