Conflicted over Rhys, Cindy can’t decide whether to visit Darren in prison. Holly wants Cindy to forget about Darren and go out with Rhys but Cindy can’t hide the fact that she still has feelings for Darren. Rhys agrees to look after Holly, while Cindy visits the dentist, but Cindy instead goes to the prison to see Darren. At first she freezes him out, before Darren admits he misses her. Later at home, Holly sneaks out to visit Rhys.

Archie and Zak encourage Elliot to make a big romantic gesture to Hannah to win her over. Hannah is thrilled when Elliot turns up at The Dog on a BMX bearing chocolates and promising dinner. But Elliot is distracted by parts for his new robot which have just arrived in Halls and forgets all about dinner. Meanwhile, Hannah is gutted to arrive at Halls ready for her romantic meal to find that Elliot isn’t even there.

Louise is shocked to learn that Mandy is tempted to accept Warren‘s pay off and leave Hollyoaks for good. But when Warren inadvertently insults Mandy, he seals the deal and Mandy turns against him.

Also, Gilly and Zak compete to be the next Relish manager.

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