Cindy has a run-in with Simone… again!

Cindy is desperate to get Dirk back and offers to help out at The Emporium selling fake designer handbags. However, when Simone demands a refund for the one she bought Lisa and they refuse, they fear they might be in trouble with the authorities. Can Cindy make things right?

As Maxine tells Darren about DS Thorpe’s visit, DS Thorpe wants more information on Maxine and decides to bend Jack’s ear. As the pair gets drunk, reminiscing about life in the force, Darren’s worried Jack will tell DS Thorpe too much about their turbulent history with Patrick…

With Sonia missing Zack and worrying about Jade, meanwhile, Lisa is given food for thought when Ellie reveals Simone invested in The Tugboat. Lisa’s delighted when Simone reclaims the burger business from Sonia. Zack begs his mum to reconsider but even Sonia knows that the right thing to do is hand over the reins.

Also, Holly helps Cleo with her community service but she storms off when Cleo orders that she stay away from Nathan. Meanwhile, Marnie wants to help her son move on with his life. Nathan’s heartbroken when he learns from Ellie that Rachel was having an affair and runs straight to Holly. However, Marnie and Ellie are lying to help him move on.