Cindy kisses Liam!

Cindy is finding it hard looking after Beth and when Liam visits she breaks down on him. When Liam reassures her that she’s a good mum, Cindy kisses him but a shocked Liam backs off. Cindy tries to talk to Ian about her worries but they’re interrupted by the sudden arrival of Jane, who reveals that Bobby has gone missing!

Shabnam is suspicious that something’s going on with Denise when Denise claims missing wine at the Minute Mart got smashed. Later, head office calls to say that there have been some discrepancies with the takings. Realising Denise is struggling, Shabnam cooks a meal for her and Patrick. When Shabnam helps Denise with her shopping she finds the missing wine, and more stolen food, in Denise’s bags.

Masood exaggerates his level of fitness to Kush, which soon backfires on him when Kush signs him up for a half-marathon! Meanwhile, Ian and Ben bond when Ben helps Ian at the cafe and they have a heart-to-heart about Lucy’s death.