Cindy makes Darren an offer he can’t refuse…

Cindy offers Darren a salary he can’t refuse – the catch – he becomes her chauffeur. However, her plan is vetoed when Nancy gets some hot tips from Mitzeee on how to win back her man!

Learning that Brendan planted his credit card on Danny’s body only spurs Warren further and he’ll stop at nothing to get the truth about Brendan’s past. Brendan is flummoxed as Warren appears to be coming on to him at the club when he suggests a weekend away – just the two of them! Will Brendan see through his plan?

Later, Warren sets his idea in motion as he spills to Ste that Brendan did something terrible to protect him…

Also, Jason is hurt when Riley won’t treat him like a brother and play fight like he does with Seth.

*Unfortunately, this is all the advance programme information available for this episode from Hollyoaks*

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