Myra’s goes to Tony’s food fair, knowing there’ll be freebies galore. Turning up in her neck brace, Theresa pleads with her to behave. When a customer, Alistair, starts choking, Myra leaps into action, removing her neck brace and successfully performing the Heimlich manoeuvre. Alistair mistakenly thanks Cindy and Myra is unable to correct him, having to play up to her fake neck injury.

Amber gives Cindy a flyer for the food fair, insistent that Tony wants her there. Later, Tony gets the shock of his life when a dolled up Cindy arrives. Humiliated, Cindy steps outside and finds herself amid the commotion of Alistair choking. He mistakenly thanks her for saving his life and producing a wad of cash, he asks her out for a drink.

Cheryl walks through the village, when a hooded attacker wrestles her to the ground. Veronica rushes to a grateful Cheryl’s aid and allows her to escort her home. On her way out of the village Veronica walks past Cheryl’s attacker, and it becomes clear that these two have already been acquainted.

Also; India’s younger sister Tex turns up unannounced. She tells her that Grandpa has cut her off and she’s here to sponge off India.

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