Cindy and Nick try to hoodwink Marnie!

Cindy and Nick try to pull the wool over Marnie's eyes... but it looks like she's one step ahead!

Nick wants to help Cindy get the job she deserves and they try to trick Marnie into letting them swap roles but she susses them out. Cindy, however, is determined to get one of the flats she wants, even if it means deep-cleaning the toilets at Nightingale’s!

Meanwhile, Eva feigns sympathy when she talks to Jack about the break-in. Liam sees her outside Nightingale’s and wins her over when he returns her locket that she dropped in The Bean yesterday – it’s her last reminder of Billy. As they sleep together, it’s obvious Eva intends to use Liam as a pawn in her plot…

Marnie upsets Lisa when she and Nathan arrive at The Loft for the launch of the luxury flats. Later, Lisa accepts Marnie’s money to break up with Nathan – but she and Nathan use it as a deposit for a flat.

Also, when Ellie destroys her gifts from Freddie, he realises they need to be apart, for her own good.