Holly’s condition fails to improve and Cindy’s grateful when Darren arrives with a CD for Holly. Darren breaks the news of Jake’s disappearance to Cindy, and persuades her have a drink in The Dog. But it doesn’t help when she reads an article about Jake. Taking Cindy home, Darren finds himself in a compromising position, into which walks Tony.

It’s Duncan’s 16th birthday party but realising he’s forgotten to book a DJ, he agrees to let Rae and Ricky audition. Disaster strikes for Ricky when he finds his dad on the floor, and all thoughts of the party are forgotten.

Also, Jake’s disappearance remains a mystery, as Darren tells Loretta he’s convinced Jake’s lying low until the fuss dies down. Loretta searches the village for clues to Jake’s disappearance and catches up with Steph. Demoralised to find that Steph has all but given up on Jake, Loretta vows to stand by her man.

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