Cindy steals £10K from Tom to start a new business with Finn!

When Tom turns her down for a loan, Cindy takes matters into her own hands

Having been rejected by his mate Tony, Finn decides to go into business with Cindy. The pair decide they’re going to start a food truck venture and ask Tom for a loan, however they’re deflated when the loaded teen turns them down.

But Cindy won’t be beaten and takes matters into her own hands when she steals Tom’s debit card and places a £10K bet on a greyhound! Is she going to be in the money?

Elsewhere, Nancy is suspicious of Darcy’s motives towards Jack and tries to catch her out but a cunning Darcy is one step ahead of the game and later climbs into bed with a drunk Jack!

Plus Milo is rattled when he sees the newspaper article that Finn gave Tony as a framed gift. Is Milo’s secret about to be exposed?