As Mercedes is taken to a safe house by Sam, she leaves Cindy with one more instruction. Later, Holly questions what’s troubling her mother and Cindy reveals she is having Browning’s baby. Holly is gobsmacked and gives Cindy her honest opinion.

Tony is elated that he can leave the hospital. He spies Trevor and goes to collect his money for delivering the package to The White Man. With a nice little nest egg under his arm, Tony skips away to start his life again. Diane is concerned when Tony tells her his plans to convert the gym into a restaurant, knowing that he gets his biopsy results tomorrow…

Phoebe punches Robbie when she thinks he is making light of Callum’s death. She apologises and Lindsey and Jason notice a twinkle in Robbie’s eye when he all too easily forgives her. Jason teases Robbie about Phoebe but his twin denies having feelings for her. Despite this, Robbie decides to ask Phoebe out and approaches the McQueen’s house with trepidation.

Maxine’s secret is out when she bumps into a familiar face at the family planning clinic after aborting Dodger’s baby. Back at home, Maxine is welcomed into Patrick’s arms, until he finds a post-care leaflet in her bag and his shock turns to rage.