Food wars: Cindy goes head to head with Tony and Damon proposes to Holly!

It's war as Cindy competes with Tony's restaurant plus Damon asks Holly to marry him!

It’s the day for Cindy to open her new foodie venture, Cindy’s Hatch, however she’s in complete disarray. She doesn’t have a menu, a chef or any food!

Dirk, who’s desperate to win her back, steps in to help meanwhile Milo poaches Tony’s chef, Ste, by offering him double pay! But as the launch gets underway, is Cindy about to find herself humiliated?

Elsewhere, it’s Maggie’s funeral but Buster is trying to convince his son Damon, that he should settle down with Holly.

A buoyed up Damon decides he’s going to pop the question and puts the engagement ring that he found in Maggie’s possessions, in a sausage roll for Holly to find. Mmm. How romantic! Will his proposal go to plan?

Plus Nancy is keen to watch the live stream of Mandy and Luke’s wedding but she finds herself having problems with the wifi connection. Little does she realise, her jealous other half, Darren, who can’t bear to watch Mandy tie the knot, has tampered with the settings. Uh oh.