Cindy’s feeling insecure about being a mum now that Beth’s back home with Jane and Ian. Confiding in Liam, Cindy takes heart when he encourages her to step up as a mum. Taking Beth out of nursery for the afternoon is not Cindy’s best decision, however, as Ian and Jane are furious when they find out. An upset Cindy takes Beth to the park, leaving her alone in her pram.

Sharon visits Margaret Midhurst, the solicitor who handled her adoption. With Linda for support, Sharon listens as Margaret shares some interesting information, telling Sharon that Den specifically asked to adopt her. Linda wonders if Den was Sharon’s real dad – not just adopted father. When Margaret assures Sharon that Den wasn’t her biological dad, Sharon is led to believe her real father is much closer to home than she ever would have imagined.

Alfie realises he needs to give Kat more cash for the boys when the twins need a new buggy. Swallowing his pride, Alfie accepts a cleaning job on the market. Meanwhile, Roxy is shocked when Ineta refuses to go to school and Roxy discovers bruises on her arm.