Hopeful they can get their relationship back on track, Max invites Steph over for lunch. But things go wrong when Cindy and Holly arrive, on the run from Spain. Max is shocked to hear that Cindy has been the victim of an abusive relationship and is now penniless. Cindy insists no-one can know she is there. So Steph is left devastated when she arrives for lunch and hears a woman’s voice inside the flat, convinced it’s Max’s new girlfriend.

Frightened after lying to Ste about being pregnant, Amy is too worried about his unpredictable mood to confess. Meanwhile, Ste delights in telling a shocked Sarah the news. But her antagonism only serves to make him more sure that having a baby of their own is the best thing that could have happened.

Fletch is desperate for drugs, having hit a low after his parents disowned him. Nige offers to help him out, and desperate Fletch agrees to sell dope to kids in school in order to get his fix. But Josh refuses to give him any cash and Fletch is left homeless and hungry, begging in the park.

Also, Gilly and Josh continue to ignore Rhys and he doesn’t improve the situation by revealing Josh was caught cheating in school.

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