Cindy’s determined to win back her man!

Tony continues his plans to divorce Cindy. But Cindy’s hurt and confused – she thought they were giving their marriage a go. Dom tries to reason with Tony, but to no avail and as Gabby plays on Tony’s mind he insists Cindy was never the one. Meanwhile, Cindy refuses to take this lying down and is determined to win Tony back.

Des and Jacqui can” keep their hands off each other and everything seems to be going well, but then Des gets a text from someone called Rose, signed with lots of kisses.

Jacqui spots Des with the mystery woman and is certain that he’s playing away. She decides to burst in on an intimate lunch between Des and Rose and cause a scene. But she’s in for a shock when she finds out that Rose is Des’s racist sister.

Also; Rhys threatens Darren with eviction if his flat isn’t in tip-top shape and promises he’ll be round to inspect it. Darren forces Anita and Rae to clean up the flat while he puts his feet up. To pay him back, the girls treat a snoozing Darren to a girly makeover. Rhys gets a surprise when a very different looking Darren opens the door.

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