Cindy’s having her baby!

Cindy returns to Albert Square and heads to the Beales’, only to be told by a stressed Ian that he doesn’t want her there. Cindy pleads with Ian, revealing that Gina was trying to force her to have her baby adopted, but he’s oblivious to her plight. Things take a dramatic turn, when Cindy starts having contractions. After phoning for an ambulance, Ian realises that the baby is on its way and he delivers Cindy’s little girl. Overwhelmed by the birth, Ian tells Cindy she can stay.

Meanwhile, Denise challenges Ian about Rainie’s allegations. He attempts to cover it up, but Denise realises that everything Rainie has said is true. Locking herself in the Minute Mart, Denise refuses to listen to Ian’s pleas to talk to him. Denise decides she needs to leave Ian, taking Patrick with her. After finding out that Cindy has had her baby, Denise has second thoughts. Realising she can’t cope with Patrick alone she reluctantly agrees to forgive Ian and stay.

Linda urges Mick to make things right with Nancy, who is angry that he put Ian before his family. Nancy reveals how disappointed she is in Mick over the way he’s dealt with Rainie and over his lies. When Mick returns to the Vic, hoping that the matter is now closed, he soon realises that Linda is still angry with him.