Amazing footage of wild animals that have made their homes in urban environments around the world, including bats, pythons and otters

As the fastest growing habitat on the planet, cities are becoming the place to call home not just for billions of people but for an astounding variety of wildlife.

This series gallops around the globe meeting some of the animals that are not only surviving, but thriving 
in the urban jungle.

Bustling Singapore is the surprise home to a hugely successful colony of otters.

Cities: Nature's New Wild - ep 1 - Residents

Otters in Singapore

The film follows an otter family with their 10-week-old pups as 
they expertly move around the city and its canals and waterways.

As well as macaques in Thailand, flying foxes in Adelaide, white storks in Alfaro, Spain (pictured, top) and long-eared owls in Serbia, there’s amazing footage of river dolphins in Brazil that come and play with the town children each day. Narrated by Daniel Kaluuya, who also lends his voice to rabbit Bluebell in Watership Down (Saturday 22 December on BBC1, 7pm).

TV Times rating: *****