It’s the Battle of the Bands, and the members of Blue Odyssey are getting nervous. Dave’s psychiatrist, Dr Heller, has arrived, however, and realises that all is not well with him. Insisting on speaking to a member of the band or he’ll call the police, Heller is led to a storage room by Dave, who chokes him to death and sets fire to the room before joining his band. Mid-performance, the fire reaches the stage and chaos erupts. Mike heads back in to find Jackson only to be overcome by the smoke, but Dave carries him out and is proclaimed a hero.

When Lynette discovers that Anne is pregnant and that she’s going to run away with Preston, she storms around to Anne’s house to confront her. Unfortunately, Anne’s husband, Warren, overhears their argument and, as Lynette departs, Anne begs her not to leave her with him. Feeling guilty, she returns a little later and discovers that Anne has been badly beaten.

Meanwhile, Susan meets Julie’s college boyfriend but is astonished to find that he’s a professor who’s been married three times – and he wants to propose to Julie!

Gabrielle is shocked to find that Mrs Hildebrand has made them sole heirs to her family fortune, but she wants the children to go to a private school.

And Bree’s chequered past comes out when she’s interviewed by a hard-nosed reporter about her family life.

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