Claire is left alone with Freddie and her fight with the Mortons as Ashley goes off on a short break with Josh. When Jerry demands that Darryl’s music equipment is returned, Claire partially relents and tells him that he can have it the following morning. But there’s tragedy in store when she’s woken by the smoke alarm and finds a fire raging in Freddie’s room. A desperate Claire is sent flying down the stairs by the force of the fire and she’s left unconscious as the flames take hold…

Leanne realises that her pretence at being an overseas property advisor is about to be exposed and she’s forced to admit to Dev that she can’t help him buy abroad. When Liam asks her why she’s so reticent to give out advice she comes up with a quick excuse and tells him she’s lost her job.

Steve is determined to spend more time with Michelle and he swaps around the staff rotas to ensure that they’re doing shifts at the same time. Liz finds out and is less than pleased.

Also, Sally’s worried as Rosie concentrates on Darryl and not her revision.