Claire collapses!

Ashley wakes up in Peter’s flat with a hangover and goes home intent on making up with Claire. She refuses to let him in, and thinks it’s the best way to teach him a lesson. When Ashley realises he is wasting his time he heads off to work. But as Claire does the ironing she suddenly collapses in agony. Lloyd walks past and hears Freddie crying, he peers through the window and finds her unconscious on the floor. Panicking he calls an ambulance, but has he got there in time?

Becky is in the back yard of the Rovers when Slug appears. They have a long chat and she enjoys catching up with him about old times. Later though she is stunned when he tells her that he wants her back!

Kevin’s regretful as he watches Tyrone and Molly leave for Tenerife. Despite telling Tyrone to take her on holiday and knowing it’s easier if she’s not around, Kevin knows he is going to miss her.

Also, Norris is delighted with his surgical shoes but he suspects Ramsay bought them; Jack discovers Connie lives in a luxury mansion and is worth a fortune.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Lloyd explains to Ashley that he found Claire unconscious on the floor as she is taken away in an ambulance. It’s touch and go as Ashley waits nervously at the hospital for news. The doctor tells Ashley that Claire has suffered a pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis, but Ashley is bowled over when he finds out that she was pregnant and has lost the baby! The doctor explains that she’ll need an operation and a devastated Ashley breaks down as Peter comforts him.

Slug tells Becky they should be together and they both jokingly do a runner from the pub. Steve spots Slug getting over friendly with Becky and drags him away from her telling him to clear off. Becky assures Steve she doesn’t fancy Slug any more and simply feels sorry for him.

Jack and Connie are relaxing in Connie’s back garden when Jack spots Scarlett, his pigeon. Everything is going so well that Connie suggests Jack spends more time at her’s to give Molly and Tyrone some space.

Also, Dev’s furious with Umed when he finds out he’s been ripping off the customers; Norris forces Ramsay to admit that he bought the surgical shoes and returns them telling him he doesn’t want his gifts.

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