Claire confronts Mrs Tembe about Josh’s past

In the wake of Josh’s disastrous date, Mrs Tembe is desperate to know if Claire’s alright and goes to talk to Viv. In the course of their conversation, Mrs Tembe discovers Josh met Claire on her own at the church café and Viv learns that Josh wasn’t in prison for armed robbery, as he lead her to believe, but for rape. Viv’s shocked, and amazed Mrs Tembe was naïve enough to engineer a date between Josh and Claire.

Finally, Mrs Tembe speaks to Claire, who is shaken and angered – she accuses Mrs Tembe of putting her and her kids in danger and seems on the verge of punching her when Jimmi intervenes to calm things down. Mrs Tembe asks Jimmi if he thinks she was wrong to play matchmaker. Jimmi says it wasn’t wrong to try and help – but why didn’t she seek advice from one of the doctors? Mrs Tembe has no answer and leaves the surgery alone, consumed by guilt.

Meanwhile, feeling bad for being off with Heston the day before, Kevin offers to come round to his house and help him get his security camera up and running. Heston agrees but seems strangely reluctant as, secretly, he’s worried what he might find. At the house, Kevin discovers the camera has been working all the time so, that night, Heston decides to review the footage – and the identity of the mysterious intruder is finally revealed. It’s Heston himself!

Also, Mandy gets in touch with her inner rock goddess after a close encounter with a diehard rocker.