Ashley has spent a sleepless night in the hospital worrying about Claire. The doctors eventually allow him to see Claire but he’s sent into a panic when the monitors start beeping and he is asked to leave the room. Relieved to hear later that Claire is awake he tells her that she was pregnant but has lost the baby. He kisses her hand and fights back the tears.

Deirdre is hopeful of a promotion within the council but she finds out that far from getting a promotion she has to apply for her own job! Meanwhile Ken has noticed Peter’s reluctance to attend his AA meeting and offers to go with him. Peter eventually agrees but he hasn’t bargained on Deirdre and Blanche inviting themselves along.

Julie encourages Sean to pursue Leon so he heads for the gym Jacuzzi. Deciding to go for the sympathy vote he pretends to cry and tells him that Jason has dumped him.

Also; Maria has had enough of Helen’s interfering and summons Tony to rescue her from her in-laws and he’s only too happy to oblige; Norris is suffering with his bunions and is not willing to get help from Ramsey.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Ashley apologises to Claire and they agree never to argue again. But he begins to think about her unplanned pregnancy, and ponders the idea of a third child. Later she asks to see Ashley alone and tells him that she doesn’t want any more children and he must have a vasectomy!

Natasha tells Helen and Barry that she saw Maria and baby Liam getting into Tony’s car. When Maria finally returns the Connors are angry to learn that Tony took her and Liam to register the baby’s birth without inviting them. Furious Helen confronts a stunned Maria about her relationship with Tony calling her a slut!

Blanche and the Barlows attend Peter’s alcoholics’ meeting where Ross, a member of the group, gives a long speech about his struggle with booze. Peter is mortified when Blanche berates Ross. Ken addresses the meeting but is interrupted when Deirdre starts an argument and the whole thing descends into farce when Blanche announces that he recently had an affair, and Tracy is in prison for murder.

Norris accuses Ramsay of faking an interest in religion to impress Emily; Sean fails to impress Leon with his story about Jason being in the closet, and is even more hurt when Julie confirms that he’s very camp.